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 MARCH 31, 2018

Hello Northwest Raiders, 

I would like to welcome you all to the 2018 NorthWest Raiders Campaign. We had grown into a great force in the Raider Nation. Our Raiders have a lot of changes coming this year… With our New Coach-Old Skool Jon Chucky Gruden, the Raiders vs. Seahawks game regular season in London, free agent grabs and the Draft, we will be proud to be RAIDERS!!!

Our Club has changes that we will be putting into effect starting April 1 (no Fooling). We have members stretching across Washington State / Idaho, the ones reppin in the other states, Canada & the UK. We want you all to feel that you are part of something bigger… 

Because You Are NORTHWEST.


Over the years we’ve built up a great club with members stretching across Washington State and now Idaho. During that time, we’ve created several ways of communication, which now are conflicting to keep track of. Time to clean up our system starting with our e-mail database.

Newsletters/E-mails:  We are working with an old e-mail list. Most e-mails are too old, duplicates, closed or in error. The emails we are using here are on a corrupted server. After this email we will no longer use this source. To update our new mailing list, we would like you to reply to this email with the following:


E-mail address

Contact #

Mailing address


*If more members in your family please add the same info for them for our record (except for e-mails making you the primary). If you no longer want to receive our mail just reply back with name, email-DELETE. Our future e-mails will be posted on our Facebook group page and our website

Facebook:  To streamline the conflicting NorthWest Raiders club pages on Facebook, we are shutting down all the current pages on March 31. The new page is


Note: All venues Facebook pages will stay active. The main reason for those pages is to spread local communication & promoting their sites.

Toll Free Contact #: Our (844) MY-NWRBC number will be shutdown. Any inquires will be directed to the President (425) 263-7101 til further notice. You also can contact us on

Twitter:    @NWRBC      Instagram: NWRBC      Snapchat:   NWRBC


As you know our Code Of Conduct is the LAW of the land. It has been a great guideline keeping us protected and makes everyone feel welcomed no matter your age, race, gender or team spirit. It’s taken some refinement but we have everyone on the same page. The code is in full effect at all club venues, events and it applies to all members, families, guests… no exceptions.


During the off-season we like to keep our club strong by having public events we call Promotional Days. We asked for suggestions for events to spread the Silver and Black across Washington State & now Idaho. Here is a running list of what we have on the book. Information and events are subject to change. Please watch for updates on and our social media platforms.  

All events are Fan /Family Friendly unless otherwise stated. 


In April, we will be starting our Early Membership Drive. We will be taking input on new ways to cover our venues (ie. possible stock on hand). Submit any suggestions you think can help us show our Pride for the NorthWest Raiders. Deadline is Sunday, April 18.


We will be looking for bright minds to get our Promotional Days going and building committees to assist in the follow:

-T-shirt designs / Membership set-up

-Summer BBQ

-Battle For Seattle (if Pre Season game is in Seattle)

Thank you all for your time and patience with us as we build a better NorthWest Raiders.   


Mr. Dana G. Siplin aka Raider D


(425) 263-7101

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