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This is the Booster Club's crown jewel as the Raider Nation takes over (don't tailgate) Downtown Seattle. As you know, when our Raiders comes to town we host our fans at:

New Orleans Creole Restaurant

114 1st St. Seattle, WA.

(206) 622-2563

With the new GM giving us more reign to handle our PreFunk & After party we want to make sure everything goes smoothly. 


We will begin @ 11am to convert New Orleans into Raiders HQ. Once that is done, let the drinking begin... 

**Sorry, due to a death in the family DJ BOMBA will not be here with US. On behalf of the Northwest Raiders, Our deepest Sympathy to you and your family.**

-Also, from 2-3pm we will have Super Bowl XI Legend OTIS SISTRUNK doing signings.  

-After 3pm we will take a moment to give honor to peoples we have lost starting with Gaye Anderson, previous owner of New Orleans we lost last year during Battle for Seattle V. Next, will be the 19 firefighters who lost their lives in the wildfires in AZ. Our club worked with the Silver and Black Soldiers Booster Club of Arizona (SBSBC) led by Brian Raider B Rowe on fundraisers for their families. 

We will be having booster clubs from Calif, Texas, Arizona and tons of new Raiders stopping in. This will keep the Northwest on the map during the 2013 season and prep us for next year... When the Raiders play the Seahawks in regular season.

-From 5-6pm as we prepare for the Long Walk we have New Orleans Soul Music from the BUCKSHOT BRASS BAND. Washington's funkiest brass band. Buckshot plays everything from old school funk to hip hop and soul. Guaranteed to put the glide in your stride and some dip in your hip! 

Tyler Shultz-Alto Sax, Alfredo Rivera- Tenor Sax/Vocals

Matt Hooker-Tenor Sax (Bench), Chris Williams- Trumpet/Arranger

Keith Thunstedt- Trumpet, Josh "Luck-D" Bennet- Bone/Knowledge Dropper

Mark Islas-Bone, Carlos Salas-Tuba/Arranger, LaMont Arkinson-Drums

RJ Strayhorn- Auxillary Perc, Drums (Bench)

F.A.V. Fans Against Violence

We are a fan based organization that aims to improve and enhance game day experiences at professional sports venues across the United States and around the world.Through a variety of programs and awareness campaigns, FAV is committed to keeping the stands safe while encouraging good-will and sportsmanship, and improving the overall game day experiences for fans of all ages. These values seem to have slipped away over the years is heated rivalries and bragging rights have pushed their way to the forefront of sports. While often rivalries tend to be a strong driver in sports today, the hostility that now breeds from these rivalries is reducing fan attendance and negatively impacting the family tradition of sports that so many of us grew up with. When a parent does not feel it is safe to take his children to a game, there is a problem. And regrettably, this is occurring at stadiums and arenas across the country. 

-After 4pm we will wrap things up and get ready for our Long Walk to CenturyLink Field. Each year we've done this we never leave on time... this year we will. We want to show Seattle the Solidarity of the Raider Nation. And working with FAV, we are taking a stand against fan violence. The Raider fans since Forever are viewed as THUGS & BULLIES which makes it hard to function as a group in Washington State. That image plus the recent violence afflicted on our members over the years we don't want anymore violence that might cost us the Raiders from coming back to Seattle (like the Raiders/49ers).  


After 5pm we will lead our Raiders Fan to CenturyLink Field. This year we will do something special. The March will be to promote Non-violence between fans. Before we reach the stadium we will rally with the Seahawks Booster Club the Seahawkers. Both Clubs working together to show Seattle and the NFL that we can support our teams without the violence.

Once inside turn CenturyLink into NORTH OAKLAND BLACK HOLE. Let's find our Raiders brothers and sisters and let them know who we are... NORTHWEST RAIDERS BOOSTER CLUB. We will have our group of 57 members in Section 118 Rows HH-LL... stop by and say RAIDERS!!!

-After the game, we will head back to New Orleans when DJ Bomba will keep the party going til we close down the joint.

With alot of fans from other states in town we will have a bowling event on Friday around 7pm @

ACME Bowl in Southcenter

100 Andover Park W. Tukwila, WA 98188.

(206) 340-2263

Prices: $5.50 per person/game with $4 shoe rental (Kids $1 rental)

Let's see who's the Kings or Queens of the PINS. Prizes will be given out. And if you haven't had enough of Seattle, we have Bumpershoot weekend Sat-Mon Labor Day weekend ( 

I know this is alot to take it... August is our month to kick start this EPIC year of football we are going to have. I hope you all will join us as we make this club stronger than ever. Thank you 

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